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I offer a wide variety of services to help you kickstart or enhance your web presence. If you have a great idea for a project or a business, don't let the web and the technical details get in the way. Picking the right tech, using the right solutions, and ensuring everything is running smoothly can be a daunting blockade, especially if you are just starting an online business. My mission is to handle all that so you can focus on the core ideas of your business.

Build Websites & Web Apps

Building websites and web applications are the main services I offer. Be it a simple landing page, a SAAS, an eCommerce solution, or a complete management system for your business, I can help build it with every performance, on-site SEO, UX, and scalability concern in mind. If you are looking for something more niche, check out the other services I can offer:

Cross-Platform Apps

I use Cross-Platform technologies to build mobile and desktop apps. The main benefit of these technologies is that the same codebase can be reused in your web, mobile, and desktop app. Perfect for building MVPs for multiple devices with a much quicker turnaround than using separate languages for each device.

Web Scraping and Data Processing

Collecting data manually is slow, tedious, and in almost every case not viable to maintain in the long run. I use both server-side technologies and programmable browsers to collect data from any source and then process and format that data into a usable dataset.

Automated Web Bots

If you find yourself doing the same repetitive task over and over again it could be a good idea to hand those tasks over to a bot. I use both server-side scripting and programmable browsers to perform these tasks for you, so you can focus on improving your product!

Performance and On-Site SEO Optimization

Both performance and SEO are very important, but often neglected aspects of web development. It is hard to retain users if a page takes forever to load, crawlers will have a hard time indexing your pages if the on-site SEO is not on point. I can help you find bottlenecks, reduce load speeds, compress and cache resources to save your users a lot of time and bandwidth.

Third party Software Integration

There's no need to reinvent the wheel, there's already an API out there that does exactly what you need! I can help you find and integrate third-party APIs and software to work seamlessly with your web app.

Bug Hunt

Something stopped working and you can't seem to figure out why. A fresh pair of eyes could be the solution. I'll help you figure out what is causing the issue you've been stuck on and help you find a solution.

Only applies to Laravel, Vue, PHP, CSS, SASS, Nuxt, Vuetify

Project Audit and Consultation

If you got an idea for a product or you want to decide on the next steps on your current project, I can give you guidance on the tech side. I can help you find the best tech stack to use, tell you in general what is possible with most tech stacks and give you estimates on what performance and costs you will encounter on the tech side.

Set Up Complementary Systems

Most web apps make use of many complementary systems to run smoothly. An SMTP server, external filesystems, social auth, and many other external services make your apps much easier and faster for your users, also in some cases these can even be mandatory for a good UX. Using several of these services on many projects I worked on, I've learned a lot about what to use where and how to set them up properly.

Code Cleanup and Refactoring

If you have a project with an old legacy codebase or some spaghetti found its way in there, I can help you refactor, decouple and clean it up. In the long run working with an older codebase will always result in more time wasted and more headaches, if you plan on maintaining a project in the long term it's almost always a good idea to keep the code fresh and up to date.

Only applies to Laravel, Vue, PHP, CSS, SASS, Nuxt, Vuetify or rewriting the existing codebase to these technologies.

Custom Tasks

It's difficult to list all the problems that can be solved with the right tech stack and a bit of creativity. If you have a custom task that needs to be done, but you are not sure where to start, get in touch with me! I'll help you figure out a solution for the task and even build it if possible.